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Non-Stop Savings and Fun Direct from Your City

With non-stop value flights from several major origins to popular destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean, you can forget about long layovers and travel snafus to focus on your dream vacation. Funjet’s non-stop flights are chartered specially for its customers, so you know you’re getting a great deal plus Funjet’s unparalleled customer care.

Click on one of the cities below to see the non-stop flights, and you’ll be Funjetting non-stop vacation fun in no time.

Non-Stop Flights from Milwaukee Non-Stop Flights from Denver Non-Stop Flights from Boston
Non-Stop Flights from St. Louis Non-Stop Flights from Dallas Non-Stop Flights from San Antonio
Non-Stop Flights from Chicago Non-Stop Flights from Minneapolis Non-Stop Flights from Houston
Non-Stop Flights from Austin Non-Stop Flights from Kansas City  

Don’t see your city listed? That just means Funjet Vacations doesn’t offer charter flights from that particular airport, but you can still book your Funjet getaway from the airport of your choice on one of our many other convenient flight options. If you need help in planning your vacation, just give us a call at 1-888-885-6654 or find a Funjet-recommended travel agent.

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Prices include government taxes and fees, but do not include baggage fees. See details.

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