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What happens when two tropical landmasses collide? A Caribbean island full of history, luxury and pure natural beauty is born. Your enchanting Barbados vacation awaits.


Bearded trees and a spot of tea

Named by the Portuguese traveling to Brazil, Barbados translates to “the bearded ones” in reference to the island’s trees and their beard-like branches. Barbados hosts both British and Caribbean traditions, ranging from afternoon tea and cricket, to scuba and snorkeling on Dottins Reef and a round of golf on designer oceanside courses. A getaway to Barbados delivers high-class luxury with a laid back vibe unlike any other.

The sweet spot

Weather can make or break a trip, and the worst part is you can’t control it. Lucky for you, Barbados fluctuates between 70 and 80 degrees year-round – now that’s the temperature sweet spot. Relax on the beach without burning up and take a midnight walk comfortably without a sweater.

Sandals Barbados
Sandals Barbados

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Take a bite of Barbados

Seafood, seafood and more seafood. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it’s only natural that fresh fish and crustaceans don most menus. Take your pick when it comes to the catch of the day. Island delicacies include salmon, tuna, crab and shrimp. Explore the exotic side of your taste buds by trying shark or dolphin. Plus, with all the fresh fruits around, you’ll find seafood dishes are even more indulgent when combined with the sweetness of coconut, lemongrass, mango and papaya.

Take a bite of Barbados 
Travel Tip

Go authentic islander with a taste of cou-cou—cooked okra and cornmeal, prepared with butter and seasoning and served like southern grits or polenta.

Happy hour-approved

You’re on vacation, so let’s get you a drink. Produced with the island’s surplus of sugar cane, rum is the unofficial drink of Barbados. Distilled for over 300 years, the popular spirit of Barbados’ Mount Gay is recognized as the oldest rum distillery in the world. Bottoms up!

Rum - unoffical drink of Barbados 
Travel Tip

Most people believe Malibu rum originates from California, but it was really born in Barbados. Take a tour of the distillery to enjoy a taste or two – or three.

The beat goes on

Barbados gave the world Rihanna, but not all of the island’s music is pop-focused. Calypso, soca and reggae are all popular tune types on this hopping little island. A fusion of styles have emerged throughout the years, making Barbados the place to be for music events like the Crop Over Festival, Barbados Reggae Festival and Reggae on the Hill. Sunshine, ocean breezes and music festivals? Yes, please.

Drums of Barbados 
Travel Tip

Barbados’s music festivals feature big names in reggae. Book your trip during one of the fests to get your groove on.

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