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They vary in landscape, size and vibe, but each Caribbean island has a reason (or ten) for being on your bucket list.

Discover your all-inclusive Caribbean paradise.



Caribbean vacations – There’s a reason these islands are famous.

There are songs, movies, meals and lifestyles that inspired the Caribbean islands. But do these pieces of paradise live up to the hype? You bet. And each destination has its own unique qualities to lust after. So how do you choose the right one for your trip? Well, we recommend visiting them all, eventually. But for now, these highlights should help you narrow it down.

US Virgin Islands

All the shopping, beaching, snorkeling and relaxing your family is craving and all the ease of domestic travel.

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US Virgin Islands Vacations 
Travel Tip

Tropical trade winds give the area a perfect climate all year, so when you’re ready, the weather will be, too.

Puerto Rico

European charm, Latin flare, and tropical landscapes — Puerto Rico combines the best of everything.

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Summer is Easy in Puerto Rico 
Summer is Easy

Save up to 40% with Summer is Easy in Puerto Rico. Learn more

The Bahamas

In this lively area of the Caribbean, every day is a trip to the beach with a night on the town.

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Bahama Vacations 
$250 instant savings

Receive $250 instant savings on stays of 4 nights or longer at participating Bahama resorts. Learn more

Punta Cana

Leave your wallet in your room. The luxury of Punta Cana is all-inclusive.

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royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino
royalton Punta Cana resort & casino

Receive $300 in resort credits for Diamond Club™ room categories. Learn more


This little island packs a lot of personality. We dare you to run out of things to do.

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Occidental Grand Aruba
Occidental Hotels and Resorts

Save up to 35% and $500 resort credit at Occidental Grand Aruba. Learn more


Who wouldn’t want to vacation in the birthplace of the “no worries” mentality?

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IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Rose Hall
IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Rose Hall

Special offers on golf, rounds played at either Cinnamon Hill Golf Course or the White Witch Golf Course. Learn more

St. Lucia

Mother Nature made this twenty-seven mile island her masterpiece.

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St. Lucia Vacations 
Travel Tip

Your travel agent can help you book an exciting Jeep tour through the jungle.


Barbados hosts both British and Caribbean traditions, ranging from afternoon tea and cricket, to scuba and snorkeling on Dottins Reef and a round of golf on designer oceanside courses.

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Barbados Vacations 
Travel Tip

Soak up sun and history. Barbados features several UNESCO’s World Heritage sites that include British colonial architecture from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.


Cuba blends cultural influences from Africa, colonial Spain, Taíno tribes, Jamaica, France and even China into a unique cocktail of dance, architecture, language and religion. It’s a magical place that must be experienced to be understood.

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Cuba Vacations 
Travel Tip

Take advantage of early trips to Cuba before mainstream tourism begins to influence the experience.

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