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Vibrating with energy, vintage in the most colorful of ways and woven together by golden threads of history, Cuba is a magical place that must be experienced to be understood.

Take a trip back in time.

A trip to Cuba guarantees a barrage of cultural eclecticism. Cuba is like layers of wallpaper begging to be peeled back, bursting with makers, artists and musicians. With cultural influences from Africa, colonial Spain, Taíno tribes, Jamaica, France and even China, it’s no wonder Cuba has cultivated its own colorful portfolio of dance, architecture, language and religion.

Spontaneous in nature, Cuba comes with the disclaimer “expect the unexpected.” On this learning experience of a trip, your itinerary is mapped out for you, but travelers are encouraged to embrace the Cuban way of life and go with the flow.

Havana (and Cayo Santa Maria) nights

Throughout your people-to-people experience, you’ll be doing a lot of traveling between towns large and small. Though all quintessentially Cuba, they each tout their own personalities.

Havana, alive with salsa-inspired energy, is as pretty as a postcard. Guitar strumming, sun-kissed locals play their songs while the sun ricochets off the pastel-toned buildings. Salty breezes and an indescribable spirit follows you everywhere you go in this richly historical seaside gem.

Cayo Santa Maria is where you’ll get your beach fix. Bleach blonde sands, iridescent waters and plenty of shopping are a welcomed break in your busy itinerary.

Trinidad, a perfectly preserved Spanish colonial settlement, is where you’ll really start thinking you hopped on a time machine instead of a plane. Prominent mansions fill the area, a product of huge sugar fortunes from the 19th century. Winding cobblestone streets and horses act as one of the main modes of transportation, and you might just forget cell phones and Facebook exist.

Travel Tip

Bring plenty of cash with you. ATMs do not yet work with American credit cards in Cuba.

Spice up your palette.

Cuba’s climate produces a myriad of root vegetables and fruit, and meat is commonplace on the plate. A blend of Taino, Spanish, African and Caribbean spices and techniques, Cuban food is anything but bland.

The restaurants in Cuba fall under two categories: government or state owned and privately owned restaurants or “paladars.” On your people-to-people trip, you’ll experience both. A private restaurant is usually operated out of the owner’s back yard, creating an intimate experience. These owners put great care into their meals, typically spending about a week prior gathering all of their ingredients.

Food of Cuba 
Travel Tip

Ask a lot of questions. A People-to-People program is meant to be an educational experience.

Old-school cool

One of the things that makes Cuba such an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece is its collection of 1950s and 1960s American cars. Look out on a busy street and see a rainbow of automobiles parked along the sidewalks. While the paint may be distressed from the salty winds, these otherwise preserved chrome beauties collide history with straight-up style.

Old Time Cars 
Travel Tip

Space is limited. For the best availability reserve your spot at least 100 days in advance.

New tours coming soon

You’ll have fun visiting Cuba, but not as a tourist. Instead you’ll participate in a cultural exchange, or People-to-People program. This is the only way that you can visit Cuba as a non-Cuban American. Wondering what it’ll be like?

Havana Highlights Cuba—5 Night Itinerary

Highlights include a lecture on Cuba and US relations, visits to the Havana Club Rum Foundation and local artist studios.

Coming soon

The Best of Cuba—7 Night Itinerary

Highlights include a tour of Havana, learning about organic cultivation practices and restoration projects, visits to a cigar factory, Bay of Pigs museum, and more.

Coming soon
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People-to-People Educational Program

Funjet Vacations is excited to offer two unique people-to-people educational tours to Cuba in cooperation with U.S.-based Cuba Travel Services (CTS). Licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), these tours offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Cuban culture by interacting and engaging with the people of Cuba including artists, farmers, health-care professionals, children and other locals.

Your professional, English-speaking tour guide will help facilitate many of your interactions with the Cuban people that you encounter throughout your tour.

About Cuba Travel Services

Funjet Vacations is working with the reputable, U.S.-based Cuba Travel Services (CTS), which operates charter flights to/from Cuba, plans, tour, itineraries and leads groups in destination.

Founded in 1999, CTS is a licensed charter operator with the most extensive air network between the U.S. and Cuba.

For Cuba travel July 2016 onwards, book your trip now with a $100 refundable deposit per person. Prices per person (adults 18+) based on double occupancy (unless otherwise stated) including round-trip charter airfare from Miami to Havana/Havana to Miami return via American Airlines, Xtra Airways or Swift Air, LLC (737-800 and 737-400), round-trip airport/hotel transfers, hotel taxes and baggage handling, fuel surcharges, all pre-collected U.S. and foreign taxes and fees including September 11th Security Fee, visa (application fee), meals, excursions and gratuities as specified in the escorted tour itineraries, the services of a U.S. Tour Director, local tour guide and driver and Cuban Medical Insurance. Prices are current and valid as of 2/25/16. Promo codes, discounts, or any other promotional offers are not valid on Cuba Itineraries. If discounts are applied, they are subject to removal. Restrictions may apply. These escorted people to people educational tours are under one of the twelve general Cuba travel license categories administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of Treasury. Charter flights to and from Miami are chartered by Cuba Travel Services and operated by American Airlines, Xtra Airways or Swift Air, LLC. Best of Cuba and Havana Highlights tours are organized and provided by Cuba Travel Services. On these tours, there is no charge for the first checked bag and small carry on (combined weight of 44 total lbs.). On all tours, charges apply for overweight or additional baggage. Click here for additional baggage policies. All prices are subject to availability and change without notice. Minimum 10 passengers per tour date. Funjet Vacations is not responsible for errors or omissions. Cancellation policies apply. See the Funjet Vacations Cuba Bill of Rights © 2016 and Cuba Travel Services Reservation form/Charter Participant Contract. 2009218-20

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