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All-in-one travel protection ​

A vacation is an investment of your valuable time and your hard-earned money. Protect that investment from the unexpected with our all-in-one travel protection.

Everything you need to navigate the unexpected.

Protect your entire trip, starting at $40 per person. You’ll receive travel insurance that covers lost luggage and reimburses you for losses due to bad weather, delays and medical expenses. Also included is a penalty waiver that allows you to cancel or reschedule for any reason without consequence, whether it’s a family emergency, delayed flight or an important work meeting you can’t miss.


Benefits before you travel:

Penalty waiver provided by Funjet Vacations
  • Cancel for any reason and receive a full refund less the cost of the all-in-one travel protection.
  • No revision fees for making changes to your reservation.
  • Make your reservation for $0 down on hotel-only packages or $100 down on air + hotel packages.
  • Receive a refund for any nights disrupted by a Category 1 or greater hurricane.
  • Receive a refund if hotel rates on your vacation reservation to Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii or Central America decrease.
  • See more details here

Benefits while you travel:

The following travel insurance benefits are included, underwritten by Transamerica Casualty Insurance.

  • Trip Interruption/Delay Reimbursement
  • Baggage Protection
  • Medical Coverage
  • 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance provided by On Call International
  • See more details here

How to purchase it​:

Build your vacation with all-in-one travel protection by selecting it from the add-ons menu, or during the first step of the check-out. All-in-one travel protection can only be purchased online while making your reservation. To add coverage after you have made a reservation, call your travel agent or Funjet Vacations customer service at 888-588-6654. All-in-one travel protection may only be added within 7 days of your initial deposit, provided you have not yet made your final payment.

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