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There is a lot that goes into planning a destination wedding, but one of the first questions asked after selecting your resort will be: Where do you want your ceremony to be held. When you think of a destination wedding, it is easy to say you want your wedding to be tropical, but once you get to paradise, you will realize that all the locations are tropical. Today we want to talk about wedding venues and help you figure out what location is best for you!

Beach. Beach weddings are a classic destination wedding location. Not many things are more romantic than getting married in front of the ocean and hearing the waves crashing as your say your vows. It is truly something you and your guests will remember forever. Beach weddings, of course, make for beautiful photos as well! One thing to consider about beach weddings is it is difficult to plan a private beach wedding, so just be prepared for the occasional bystander.

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Gazebo. Gazebo weddings are very popular locations right now, as they make for a great background in your photos. The plus about Gazebos, is that they are actually able to be customized to look how you want them to look. Whether that look is floral, sheer drapes, or even lights hanging from them, your on-site wedding coordinator is usually able to bring your vision to life. Gazebo ceremonies create a scenic, picturesque vibe, while making the ceremony that much more romantic.

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Rooftop Terrace. Rooftop weddings create an amazing panoramic view for you, your guests, and your wedding photos. These terraces are often great for planning your reception as well. A good thing about the rooftop terrace location, is that they are usually spacious enough for those large wedding groups. If you are in love with the location you have chosen and want to have breathtaking views of the resort and beach, then a terrace wedding may be something to consider!

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Garden. Garden weddings are romantic and peaceful. Getting married in front of your closest family and friends while being surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery make for a truly beautiful ceremony. A good thing about garden ceremonies, is that at many locations they are held in a very private location. If you are looking for an authentic tropical wedding, then a garden location may be for you.

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Chapel. Chapel weddings are beautiful. If you want to get married in a tropical destination but still have it feel like your traditional wedding, there are still options for you! Wedding chapels are great for couples who are looking for a more conventional ceremony. Being able to get married in a chapel, and then step outside into paradise is a great way to ring in your love.

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Ceremony locations are a very important part of planning your day. The good news is, resorts typically offer multiple locations, allowing you to customize your day and make it truly yours. Not to mention, there are plenty of other locations I did not list such as pool weddings, off-site ceremonies, lobby locations, and ballroom events. No matter what you are looking for in your ceremony, be at ease knowing there is a location that is perfect for you!

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