In this South Pacific dreamland, you have to set your internal clock to ‘Fiji time.’ Simply put, exploring the archipelago’s exquisite beaches, undersea marvels, ridiculously lush interiors and endlessly cool culture just cannot be rushed during a Fiji vacation.

A paradise off the beaten path.

Fiji resorts offer ample opportunities for something a bit out of the ordinary. This makes this little piece of paradise a magnet for hikers, birdwatchers, amblers and forest-fanciers. Some especially hot spots include the island of Taveuni – known as ‘The Garden Island’ for its ludicrously lush interiors – and Kadavu, a less-travelled slice of prehistoric utopia with almost no roads to speak of. Or if urban wildlife is more your thing, Suva boasts a surprising nightlife scene while towns like Savusavu entice visitors with rollicking taverns and meet-the-locals haunts. So, in one way or another, Fiji vacations are always “off the beaten path.”

Underwater marvels and above-water charm.

Snaking its way around the islands, the Great Astrolabe Reef is justifiably renowned in diving circles. People come from all over the world to sample its underwater delights (and its breathtaking beach). Gorgeous stretches of long, sheltered coves ring the islands’ perimeters, and in the interior you’ll find all manner of bird life including the colorful Kadavu musk parrot. It’s all surrounded by an impossibly green rainforest that’s ripe for scrambling up hillsides, splashing under waterfalls and kayaking through mangroves.

Underwater marvels in Fiji
Travel Tip

If you want to swim through coral formations instead of just near them, the Alacrity Rocks are brimming with arches, tunnels and basins.

Discover the heart of Fiji: Suva

Suva is home to half of the country’s urban population and is the largest city in the South Pacific. This lush, green spot on a hilly peninsula gets more than its fair share of rain and vibrant plant life. As diverse architecturally as it is culturally, this city is a jigsaw of colonial buildings, modern shopping plazas and abundant eateries. If you’re looking for a little something special, the curry houses and sari shops along the smaller streets are among some of the more interesting finds.

Discover the heart of Fiji: Suva 
Travel Tip

The Suva Municipal Market offers a friendly atmosphere where you'll find a bright display of every tropical fruit and vegetable imaginable.

The adventure’s set in stone.

Must-see Sawa-i-Lau is a stand-out limestone island. It houses two caves amid a string of others formed by volcanos. The underwater limestone is thought to have formed a few hundred meters below the surface and then uplifted over time. This process created a variety of wonders, including a great dome-shaped cave where shafts of daylight dance above a mind-bogglingly beautiful natural pool. In other words, it’s a gorgeous grotto that attracts visitors by the carful.

Fiji Cave
Travel Tip

With a guide, a torch and a bit of courage, you can swim through an underwater passage to discover a secret cave. The walls have intriguing carvings, paintings and inscriptions of unknown meaning.

Support while you're in Fiji.

Funjet’s end-to-end service means we also support you in destination. Our network includes a relationship with Rosie Holidays, a pioneer of excellence in Fiji tourism with over 40 years of experience! They are there to greet you when you land, provide you with door to door transportation to your hotel, help you find activities beyond the resort and to just be there for you and answer any questions you may have. Rosie Holidays representatives are easily recognized by their Hawaiian shirts. Find them in the lobby of most main land hotels, by calling 679-672-2755 or emailing

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And we’re always here, of course. You can reach us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week while you are on vacation.  Just call +1 414-934-1535 or emailing

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