Think you know Florida? Think again. This close-to-home destination is always turning up new thrills and unearthing hidden places to call paradise. With a variety of Florida vacation packages, there’s only one question - where do you want to travel?

Florida Landscape

Find paradise close to home.

Yes, we know, you already know about the theme parks and stellar weather. And sure, those are darn good reasons to visit Florida. But a trip to the Sunshine State has more to offer than you’ve probably considered. Florida is a hot spot for ecotourism, boutique shopping, and vibrant cultural experiences. Foodie? You’ll want to spend your entire (short) flight bracing your taste buds for maximum stimulation. Family, bachelor or a bachelorette party? A Florida retreat will ensure that your whole crew is tuckered out by bedtime (whatever time that may be).


From theme parks to performing arts, Orlando is an oasis of entertainment.

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Travel Tip

Ask your travel agent about packages with combined entry for multiple attractions.

Greater Tampa Area (Tampa / St Pete / Clearwater)

Whether you’re a sports fan or just want a tan, Greater Tampa Area better be on your vacation list.

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Travel Tip

Don't miss the annual family friendly Gasparilla Pirate Festival in late January or early February.

South Florida (Miami / Ft Lauderdale / Ft Myers / Naples)

South Florida vacations are filled with cultural experiences and ecofriendly excursions.

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Travel Tip

Skip the crowds and visit during late spring or early fall.

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