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Experience the almost 500-year-old Spanish influence throughout Mazatlán and then celebrate its new world wonders. 

Mazatlan, Colonial City on the Beach

The "Pearl of the Pacific"

Mazatlán is one of Mexico’s best kept secrets. It’s located just east of the Baja California peninsula and lined with some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. The location is more than just a getaway, offering music, culture and gourmet Mexican cuisine.

The beach life

Mazatlán’s gorgeous Pacific beachfront spans 12 miles. The city’s local beaches are perfect for relaxing, surfing and water sports. Playa Olas Altas (high wave beach), Playa Los Pinos (pine beach) and Playa Bruja (witch beach) attract surfers of all skill levels.

Beach life in Mazatlan 
Travel Tip

Not a surfer? Check out Playas Sabalo and Cerritos, which are more serene, where the waves are tame and picturesque.

The shrimp capital

While tacos and salsas are known as Mexico’s exports the world over, Mazatlán makes its mark with a variety of fresh seafood. When a town has 12 miles of beaches, it’s bound to have the most savory treats from the sea. For example, try Casa 46—located in Plaza Machado, where you can dine al fresco and step out of your comfort zone as you sample chilorio (chili-simmered pork), zarandeado (spicy, grilled seafood) and bearded shrimp tamales. You can even stay at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay for an authentic taste of Mazatlán, included in your all-inclusive stay for a small surcharge.

Shrimp Capitol of the World - Mazatlan 
Travel Tip

Try different flavors of horchata to find one that suits your palate. The sweetest horchatas contain more cinnamon and coconut, while blander horchatas have more ground seeds and nuts.

Years of culture

Mazatlán’s history dates back centuries to when indigenous cultures made their marks across most of Mexico. Through art, Mazatlan celebrates its 1,500-year-old history in some of the most unique locations. Plan to check out the unique collection for a firsthand look at Las Labradas, an outdoor museum of archaeological carvings and sculptures. Next, venture to the Historic Center and Plaza Machado to find El Teatro Angela Peralta to take in an opera, ballet or any number of theater performances.

Years of Culture 
Travel Tip

Erosion has weathered many of the Las Labradas artifacts but you can still see evidence of communications from ancient peoples.

Travel in style

Mazatlán’s 12 miles of Pacific beach coastline are perfect to walk or run, but if you’re more into relaxing, the Pulmonia Taxis are the only way to travel in style. Unique to Mazatlán, the Pulmonia Taxis resemble oversized golf carts that shuttle you wherever you want to go. The drivers are also the ones most in the know for the best hotspots in town. Whether you’re grabbing food or hitting the club, these open-air taxis get you to where you need to go.

Traveling in Mazatlan 
Travel Tip

You truly don’t even have to leave your resort to take part Mazatlán’s nightlife, but if you’re doing some exploring via Pulmonia Taxis, check out El Toro Bravo for food and music. For your wilder side, get dropped off at Valentino’s or Bora Bora to take part in some nightlife.

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