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Find solitude by the ocean on this undeveloped gem of an island.


There’s nothing here but you and tropical bliss

The least developed of the Hawaiian Islands, Molokai is a place where traditional Hawaiian culture and community continue to thrive. Nicknamed the "Friendly Isle," you’ll quickly familiarize yourself with the main town of Kaunakakai and most likely meet fishermen hauling in their daily catch and farmers showcasing their fresh-picked produce while you’re there. You won’t find any big resorts on Molokai. In fact, there’s not a single traffic light on the whole island. Life may be slower here than on the other islands, but the surroundings are no less dramatic.

After you finish reading up on all of the vacation adventures that Molokai has to offer, learn more about all 6 major islands here - Hawaii.

How to get there

Visit Molokai with a helicopter tour from Maui or Oahu. Molokai’s spectacular sea cliffs, waterfalls and remote valleys. Or cross the Pailolo Channel via ferry for a day trip to the "Friendly Isle". In addition to touring the island’s natural wonders, you can learn about its history with visits to a coffee plantation, a macadamia nut farm and the Kalaupapa colony. Check out Hotel Molokai for overnight stays, guided tours or kayak and bike rentals.

Visit Molokai

Helicopter tours, ferry trips and Hotel Molokai can all be booked as part of your Funjet Vacations package.

Slower pace, uncrowded beaches

If your objective is to ‘do’ as much as possible on your vacation, Molokai is probably not for you. Many of the beaches, especially on the west end, are too rough for swimming or watersports. What they do offer are uncrowded, relaxing swaths of golden sand.

Molokai Beach

For swimming, hit up Sandy Beach, or nearby Murphy Beach, which is absolutely perfect for snorkeling.

Kalaupapa Peninsula

Historic Kalaupapa Peninsula can’t be reached by car; you’ll have to brave all 26 switchbacks of the 1,600 foot decent on the back of a mule. The white knuckles are worth it, both for the historic sites and views of the world’s tallest sea cliffs to the east. Just as epic but much more accessible is the lush cathedral of Halawa Valley on the island’s northeast corner.

Kalaupapa Peninsula

Mule not your style? You can also land on the peninsula via air, with flights from Oahu, Maui or the Molokai airport.


Drive to the Hoolehua Post Office. When you enter, head to the bins full of coconuts along the wall. Pick one out (they’re free), grab a marker, and go to town decorating the most unique postcard you’ll ever send. Hand over your (properly addressed) coconut and about $10-$15 in postage to the postmaster, and you’ll have just sent the best “wish you were here” ever.

Post a Nut

The Hoolehua Post office is located just outside the Molokai Airport, about 15 minutes north of Kaunakakai, Molokai’s main town.

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