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Europe Vacation Packages

Why choose Europe?
  • Historic landmarks – from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Rome's ancient ruins, Europe combines history and beautiful cities across a diverse continent
  • Tours and excursions enhance any European vacation
  • A wide variety of destinations to match any traveler's tastes, including England, Spain, Italy, Germany and many more
  • Year round appeal
  • Uniqueness – European attractions are found nowhere else, from iconic landmarks to Mediterranean beaches
  • 12,000 new Funjet hotels in the most popular destinations and in new, more exotic locations

Destination Map ° Amsterdam ° Madrid ° Athens ° Manchester ° Barcelona ° Milan ° Berlin ° Munich ° Brussels ° Nice ° Dublin ° Paris ° Edinburgh ° Prague ° Florence ° Rome ° Frankfurt ° Venice ° Lisbon ° Vienna ° London ° Zurich

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