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Pricing Vacation Packages

Frequently asked questions and answers.
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How do I find the lowest vacation price?

Use the tips in the list below to search for the best vacation price.

  • Check the great specials available in the deals section.
  • Compare midweek and weekend departure prices.
  • Price morning departures and late departures to find special pricing for off-peak travel times.
  • Price a vacation with a weekend stay-over.
  • Include the Funjet Vacations all-in-one travel protection in your itinerary when you purchase your vacation. All-in-one travel protection includes a lowest advertised price guarantee so that if the price of your vacation goes down after you've booked your vacation, you can receive the lower price.
  • Funjet also offers price match plus, which means we will match any competitor's price on the same vacation package before booking your vacation.

How do I know what the vacation price includes?

When you search for a vacation package, the availability prices always include the combined hotel and flight prices, any selected add-on prices, and all applicable air and hotel taxes and fees. The web site does not add any surprise taxes or fees to the air and hotel vacation prices when you confirm the reservation. Click here for information on taxes and fees, and to review a description of taxes and fees included and excluded from your vacation price.

Note: Car prices do not include local state taxes, which are paid upon arrival at the car rental location at the airport in the destination. Car prices do not include extra day charges. Extra day charges may apply if your return flight is one hour (or more) later then the scheduled drop-off time for your rental car.

How far from my intended travel date can I price a vacation?

Normally, you can search for a vacation 330 days prior to departure. There may be some exceptions to this rule. Please try different date options if your vacation search is not successful. How do I find the amount of taxes and fees that are included in my vacation's search price? You may use the link at the bottom of the package summary screen to view a detailed breakdown of the amount of taxes/fees related to your vacation.

When I checked the vacation price yesterday it was lower than it is today. Why?

When you price a Funjet Vacation package, you are viewing live inventory. Because prices are based on many factors, including availability of rooms/room types, flights and demand for the packages, prices can fluctuate, even within minutes. As it is not uncommon for prices to fluctuate, Funjet Vacations suggests that you check out different flights or alternate dates for a lower fare that is still available. The only way to secure a vacation price is to pay for it in full.