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​For travel agents ​

Funjet Vacations makes your success simple - see for yourself!

For over 40 years, Funjet Vacations has been committed to the success of travel professionals. Our philosophy is simple... in fact, we built our whole agent platform around it.  You speak.  We listen.  And then we deliver.  We take travel agent feedback to heart and do everything we can to simplify your success – and your profitability!

Breadth of product
We have the product lineup to exceed customers' needs, with over 20 air carriers, 900+ destinations and 26,000 hotels available for you to book and earn competitive compensation. Our unique charter/value flight programs offer outstanding customer benefits, flexibility and the highest compensation.

Our core values
More than just words, it's how we run our business, how we hire and train our people, and how we engage with our business relationships. Funjet Vacations provides the foundation for you to grow your business. You can trust and depend on us. Our core values of integrity, customer focus, innovation, profitability and relationships make Funjet Vacations the tour operator easiest for travel agents to do business with.

Funjet Vacations has continually protected the customer & travel agent in both good and bad times. Throughout our near 40 year history, in the face of major industry challenges, we have spent millions of dollars to protect your customers' vacation experiences.

Customer focus
We deliver incredible vacations and memories. With the best people supporting customers and travel agents, our single mission is to exceed your client's expectations throughout their entire vacation cycle. Our 500 club support desk,  in-destination representation, and 24/7/365 customer care team are with customers every step of the way and are second to none at delivering the end-to-end customer experience.

Funjet Vacations is the cutting edge leader for travel agent innovation. We continually set the bar for new technology and tools to help drive sales and make your business more efficient to allow you to stay ahead of an ever-changing market.
We have a legacy of innovation including breakthroughs such as:

    Our award-winning site is the premier booking and researching system in the market for leisure travel, with over 70,000 registered users and over 5,000,000 web site visits annually. 
    Our Supplier Showcase is your ultimate sales and marketing 24/7 online resource center – you'll find all the information you need on Funjet Vacations' sales, promotions, incentives, products and services.
  • E-Mail sales tool
    Directly from the VAX VacationAccess booking engine, you can e-mail your clients hotels for comparison.  It's a simple way to help deliver the service your customers rely on you for – all in a few simple clicks.�� No other tour operator provides this today!

Funjet Vacations provides compensation opportunities as lucrative as they come. In addition to competitive commissions, we equip agents with highly flexible profit optimizers, such as the industry-leading set your commission margining tool in VAX, agent rewards program, phenomenal 500 club agency rewards program, customer care, marketing and sales support, outstanding tools, training and more! 

500 club agency rewards program

This program is structured to reward the highest performing agencies with the greatest benefits. Receive industry-leading customer service support and earn free travel opportunities, exclusive offers, "world famous" rewards trip and more!

2% bonus commission on select upgraded hotels
You'll automatically earn 2% bonus commission on the hotel portion of the reservation when you book upgraded room categories at select hotels in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. 

Funjet Vacations believes that travel is a relationship-driven business. We have long-standing relationships with the strongest suppliers and companies in the industry, who share in our end-to-end customer experience vision and will stand by our mutual customers.

End-to-end experience
Funjet Vacations is committed to helping you support your clients from the moment they begin to dream and research their vacation until the time they return home with precious memories. We'll support them with our complete end-to-end customer experience including professional 24/7 customer support, assistance from our incomparable in-destination representatives, a competitive price match program, and the industry's finest all-in-one travel protection so they'll have the confidence to do something they'll never forget.

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Prices include government taxes and fees, but do not include baggage fees. See Details.
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