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Amstar DMC

Five countries. 26 destinations. 1,000 handpicked experiences. From tailored excursions to care-free transportation, Amstar DMC puts you on the fast track to one-of-a-kind experiences you’ll never forget. Find Amstar DMC in Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Hawaii. Look for the blue-flowered shirt and shining smile.

  • 24/7 travel service.

    Amstar is there for you with expert customer support—think meet-and-greet services at the airport, destination info and around-the-clock assistance by phone, email or social media—before, during and after your vacation.

  • Non-stop & private transfers.

    Getting to paradise can be half the fun. Especially with a private deluxe transfer. Amstar’s wide range of transfer options all have a few things in common: friendly drivers, fast service and onboard Wi-Fi.

  • Excursions.

    Hop aboard a luxury catamaran. Hike the trails of a volcano. Take the dive and explore a coral reef. All with the help of local expert. Amstar excursions are just the way to take your vacation to the next level with breathtaking experiences.

Why choose Amstar?

Nobody knows paradise like the locals. And that’s who you can count on when you book transportation services or excursions with Amstar. As the official destination management company for Funjet Vacations, Amstar will be the friendly face that greets you in paradise and that delivers world-class service to create unforgettable experiences. Plus, when you stay at AMResorts, you’ll always enjoy direct, non-stop transfers.

See everything Amstar has to offer.

Amstar is full of wonderful people who do everything to make your vacation as easy and fun as possible. They’ll be your first hello and last goodbye in paradise, always ready to lend a hand. To learn more, check out this video explaining everything Amstar has to offer.

AMStar Transfers and Excursions
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Watch more videos to see Amstar excursions in action.

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