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All-In-One Travel Protection

Your pet became sick? No problem! You can cancel or change your reservation— no revision fees! Price gone down since you booked? No worries! Funjet can guarantee our lowest price on select vacations! Unexpected mishap while on vacation? We've got you covered!

Our All-In-One Travel Protection helps give you some peace of mind, before and during travel. Cancel or change your vacation at any time, get your money back, guarantee our lowest price on select vacations, receive during travel coverage and more. Best of all—you can help get the protection you're looking for, "all-in-one" simple click at one price!

Here are all the great protections you'll receive:

What is All-in-One Travel Protection?

Penalty Waiver* Provided by Funjet Vacations (non-insurance features)

  • - Cancel for Any Reason: You may cancel for ANY reason prior to departure and receive a full refund less the cost of the All-In-One Travel Protection plan. This feature even reimburses normally non-refundable airfares and the refund is always made in the original form of payment. Non-refundable hotel rates are not included.
  • - Low Deposit: Enjoy a reduced deposit to secure your vacation package! Land only packages require no deposit! The deposit for air only and air-inclusive packages with charter or value flight air is $50 per person. The deposit for air-inclusive packages with scheduled air is $100 per person. More details
  • - Price Guarantee: Guarantees the lowest price on the vacation booking! If the price of the hotel on your Funjet Vacation drops after booking the reservation, just let us know and we'll adjust the reservation to the lower price. Valid on Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and Central America vacations. More details
  • - No Revision Fees:Need to make a change? No problem! Any revision fees for the FIRST instance are protected including hotel, airline and any Funjet penalties, so you won't be charged additional fees to make a change to your reservation. More details
    • * Note to Minnesota, Missouri and New York residents only: You are not required to purchase the Post-Departure Travel Insurance in order to purchase the Pre-Departure Penalty Waiver. Contact 1-877-538-3815 for details
  • - Hurricane Travel Credit: If a Category One or greater hurricane disrupts a vacation for 24 hours or more, travelers will receive a refund for unused or interrupted vacation nights plus a future vacation discount certificate. Valid for reservations departing June through November. More details

Price Guarantee Details (provided by Funjet):

  • - If the price of your Funjet vacation goes down after making the vacation booking, All-In-One Travel Protection entitles you to receive the lowest price in the following instances:
  • - Scheduled Air2 and Hotel-Only Vacations: Price Guarantee applies on the hotel portion of the vacation.
  • - Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights: 1 Price Guarantee applies on the air and hotel portion of the vacation.
  • - Price Guarantee not available on groups booked through our group department.
  • - The price guarantee applies to Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and Central America vacations. The price adjustment must be made to the reservation while the lower Funjet rate is available in the system.
  • - If the price does decrease on your Funjet Vacation, please contact your travel agent or Funjet Vacations at 1-888-558-6654.

Low Deposit (provided by Funjet)

Land only packages require no deposit. The deposit for air only and air-inclusive packages with charter or value flight air is $50 per person. The deposit for air-inclusive packages with scheduled air is $100 per person.

  • - Valid when booking 46 days or more prior to departure.
  • - The Low Deposit feature does not apply to scheduled air only or contracted groups.
  • - The All-In-One Travel Protection plan cost is due at the time of deposit.

No Revision Fees Details (provided by Funjet):

  • - All Funjet imposed revision fees prior to departure are automatically waived and available for unlimited use on the reservation so long as All-In-One Travel Protection remains on the reservation.
  • - If you need to revise any portion of your vacation prior to departure, supplier-imposed fees such as airline and hotel revision penalties will be covered for the FIRST revision instance. If you choose to use your All-In-One Travel Protection to waive any supplier-imposed revision fees, the option may be repurchased and reapplied to the reservation at half of the original price to maintain all the benefits of the travel protection program.
  • - IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to decline repurchasing the "All-In-One Travel Protection" after a supplier-imposed fee is waived, you will be subject to any subsequent fees for any further revisions or cancellations and will no longer have any of the benefits previously offered with the All-In-One Travel Protection.
  • - To repurchase All-In-One Travel Protection at the reduced rate, contact your travel agent or Funjet Vacations at 1-888-558-6654.

Hurricane Travel Credit Details (provided by Funjet)

The Hurricane Travel Credit applies for vacations departing June through November. If your Funjet trip is interrupted for 24 hours or more due to a Category One or greater hurricane, you will receive a refund for unused or interrupted vacation nights plus a "Fresh Start" certificate for a future vacation. "Fresh Start" certificate amounts:

  • - $100 per adult, $50 per child for Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights1 and $25 per person for Scheduled Air Vacations. 2 "Fresh Start" certificates are non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash and can be used on a Funjet Vacation for travel any time (excluding holidays) for one year from the original departure date.
  • - A qualifying disruption occurs when customers are displaced from their room for 24 hours or more due to the result of a Category One or greater hurricane and does not apply to hurricane warnings or tropical storms. The Hurricane Travel Credit Plan applies to unused nights or the nights you are displaced from your hotel if a comparable hotel of equal or greater hotel rating is not provided.
  • - Please Note: Business rules concerning the air portion of the vacation will vary by airline. Each airline's rules will be published when a hurricane/tropical storm occurs and will be specific to that storm. Typical practices will allow you to be re-accommodated on your airline's next available return flight and/or may allow you to rebook your return to return early and waive the re-ticketing fee, subject to availability.
  • - Clients who believe they are eligible for benefits stated above due to a hurricane will need to send a written request with their name, hotel and a description of their displacement to:

    Funjet Vacations
    Attention: Customer Services
    8969 N Port Washington Rd
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-1460

1The following may be considered charter or value air: AeroMexico, Frontier Airlines, Iceland Air, JetBlue Airways, Sunwing Airlines, XTRA Airways, Southwest Airlines and Sun Country Airlines in the designated classes of service of F, S, L, C, Z or Y.

2Scheduled Air Vacations: include all published and bulk airfares in classes of services not listed under Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights (flights are designated as published air or bulk air in the electronic booking tool).

To Obtain a Cancellation Refund (Provided by Funjet):

Please contact the Funjet Vacations' reservation department directly at (888) 558-6654 if you need assistance to cancel your reservation. All cancellations must be confirmed by Funjet Vacations' reservations department prior to departure.

  • - Refunds for cancellation will come from Funjet Vacations.
  • - Funjet Vacations must be notified of the cancellation prior to airport check-in in order to be eligible for a refund. Contact your travel agent or Funjet Vacations at (888) 558-6654.
  • - The following items are not refunded under All-In-One Travel Protection:
    • - "No Show" situations where the traveler does not check in and denied boarding situations are not covered.
    • - Air not purchased from Funjet Vacations.
    • - If the number of individuals occupying a room decreases, the remaining travelers will be responsible for additional costs incurred as a result of a change in the per person occupancy rate.
  • - Nonrefundable travel agent fees may be included in your package price. Please consult your travel agent.
  • - For details on how to report or file for cancellation, please refer to the information provided below.
  • - A refund will be processed, less the cost of All-In-One Travel Protection to the original form of payment.
  • - Once the cancellation is made before travel, a written request must be submitted to:

    Funjet Vacations
    Attention: Refunds
    8969 N Port Washington Rd
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-1460
    or via fax at (414) 934-1239, Attention: Refunds

Post-Departure Travel Insurance Underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

  • - Trip Interruption: Reimburses (up to the total trip cost) unused hotel arrangements plus additional costs to change or purchase a new airline ticket if you can't travel due to circumstances such as illness or injury to you, a family member, or traveling companion, jury duty, subpoena, or a traffic accident on the way to the airport.
  • - Travel Delay: Reimburses additional transportation costs or unused hotel arrangements should your flight be delayed 12 or more hours due to adverse weather or unannounced strike. The plan reimburses you up to $500 ($200 per day) for the unused portion of your trip, additional accommodations, meals and "catch up" transportation expenses.
  • - Emergency Evacuation: Pre-pays the cost of emergency medical transportation if a serious illness or injury occurs during your vacation that requires medical evacuation.
  • - Baggage/Personal Property: Reimburses you for baggage or items lost, stolen, or damaged during your vacation.
  • - Medical Expense: Reimburses medical costs should you incur hospital charges or other medical bills as a result of an illness or injury during your vacation.
  • - Baggage Delay: Reimburses for the purchase of necessary personal items if your bags are delayed by the airline for 24 hours or longer. The plan covers you for the purchase of necessary items up to $300 in the event your luggage is delayed by an air common carrier for more than 24 hours en route to your vacation.
  • - Travel Accident: Accidental death and dismemberment coverage in the event of loss of life or limb while flying.

INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW: Benefits on this page are described on a general basis only. There are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all insurance coverages. This advertisement does not constitute or form any part of the plan description or any other contract of any kind. Plan benefits, limits and provisions may vary by state jurisdiction. To review full plan details online, go to:

Plan payments are made up of insurance benefits and non-insurance services.

Insurance benefits are underwritten by: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

Non-Insurance services: are not insurance benefits underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. One Call 24-Hour Assistance Services are provided by: One Call Worldwide Travel Services Network and Global Xpi Medical Records Services are provided by Trip Mate.

Plan administrator: Trip Mate, Inc. (in CA & UT, dba Trip Mate Insurance Agency) 9225 Ward Parkway, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64114, 1-833-791-2989.

Charter Air Only $39.99 adult and child. Prices are per person.

How Do You Purchase All-in-One Travel Protection?

While you are building your vacation, you can select All-In-One Travel Protection from the Add-Ons menu, or add it during the first step of the check-out process in the Travel Protection section. All-in-One Travel Protection can only be purchased online during the booking process. To add travel protection after you have made your reservation, call your travel agent or Funjet Vacations customer service at 888-588-6654. All-in-One Travel Protection may only be added within 7 days of your initial deposit, provided you have not yet made your final payment.


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