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​End-to-end customer support

We’re committed to making every aspect of travel—from planning to the day you return home—an enjoyable and effortless experience.

We treat your vacation as if it were our vacation.

Having the correct information and recommendations at the right time can make all the difference when planning a truly great vacation. That’s why Funjet’s end-to-end service starts the moment you begin dreaming about your getaway. Everything you need to make confident travel decisions is at your finger-tips. Otherwise, all you have to do is ask. ​

Hurricane Irma Announcement

Our deepest sympathies go out to those affected by Hurricane Irma. If you are trying to reach us by phone or email, please be patient. Recent hurricane activity within popular vacation destinations is affecting call times here at Funjet Vacations. What’s more, many of our own customer and travel agent support team members are located within the projected path of Hurricane Irma. For the safety of our team members located within the geographic path we are encouraging them to follow evacuation recommendations of local and state authorities.

Reduced staffing due to Hurricane Irma will be impacting our ability to answer calls and emails. The safety of our customers and our employees is our top priority. Therefore we are only focusing our efforts on those customers traveling within the next seven days. If your call is an emergency we encourage you to use our call center resources as normal. If your call is not an emergency or is in regards to customers traveling outside the next seven days we will not have the ability to support you through call resources at this time.

We are hopeful that our team can return to normal scheduled support times as soon as Tuesday. For customers whose departure or arrival has been affected by one of the recent hurricanes we encourage you to visit the websites of our airline partners to keep up-to-date on policies and options to update reservations. Thank you for your patience during these trying times. We remain here to support all customers affected by these storms and will keep you updated as to any changes.

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Your support team

We are available to answer your questions and help you plan a great vacation. Call us at 888-558-6654 Monday through Friday 8am-9pm and 10am-6pm (CST) over the weekend or email

For even more tailored recommendations and advice, you can reach one of our Insiders, staffed for their experience in specific vacation destinations. Send us an email and get your dreaming started.

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You're in-destination travel experts

Have a question during your trip? No problem! We have an established network of folks on the ground to assist in every way possible. They are fluent in both English and their local language. You can find them at your hotel during desk hours to help you with activities, restaurant preferences, and support if the unexpected happens. Meet our contacts in your destination.

And, of course we’re always here to help. We’re available to you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, just by calling+1 414-934-1535 or emailing

Insider Tip:

Amstar puts you on the fast track to paradise with care-free transportation, tailored excursions and 24/7 service.

Your security blanket

Because you never know what the weather or life can bring, we offer the option of adding all-in-one travel protection to your reservations. One easy package that can include your flight, hotel and coverage for lost luggage, losses due to bad weather, delays and medical expenses.

Your Security Blanket
Insider Tip:

Trust the experts here, this industry-leading travel protection plan will take the worry out of vacation planning.

Give it to us straight

How was it? If you had an unforgettable getaway and want to shout it from the rooftops, we want to hear about it. Or, if your experience didn’t meet your expectations, we really want to hear about it. Learning from our vacationers is the best way to improve your next experience and make Funjet Vacations even better. So please, let us know about your experiences - the good or the bad. You can email us at or on our Facebook page.

Give it to us straight 
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