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Welcome to the Funjet Insider Circle.

Perk up. Because your Funjet vacation comes with a whole lot more than you expected. For starters, you can count on expert travel advice (we’ve been in the biz for over 40 years) and 24/7 customer support. And at Funjet Insider Circle resorts, you get treated like a VIP, because you are one. Get ready to enjoy:

  • Free private transfers.

    Valued up to $228.

    When you land in paradise, hop in the free private transfer to get to your resort fast and save the unpacking for later.

  • Free excursions.

    Valued up to $396.

    Sail into the sunset with a glass of wine in hand or hop into the dolphin pool with your fam.

  • Free room upgrades.

    Valued up to $240 on your 3 night vacation.

    We get it. Vacay is all about living it up. That’s why upgrading your room—for free—is one of the perks you can take advantage of.

We’re just getting started.

Resort Credit, VIP check-in areas, and even a bottle of the preferred local spirit (you’ve heard of Mamajuana, right?) are some of the other perks you could enjoy. Things are looking up.

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