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Hit the beach now, pay later with UpLift.

When you want to take a vacation, do you listen to the beach, or to your bank account? With Uplift, a third-party provider that offers affordable payment plans, you can listen to both.

Start packing.

You can already reserve your Funjet vacation for as little as $50, and with Uplift you can make easy monthly payments. Ready to dust off that suitcase?

UpLift’s Pay Monthly Option gives you:


An affordable plan.

Your affordable 3, 6, 11 or12-month payment plan will be based on the date you purchased your vacation. To keep things simple, UpLift will automatically process your monthly payment and notify you with a convenient email and text.

Affordable plans with Uplift 

The best interest rate.

Worried about interest rates? Don’t be. UpLift ensures you get the best interest rate based on your credit score. No hidden fees. No worries.

Best rates with Uplift 

A quick & easy checkout.

When you apply for your loan, UpLift performs a “soft” credit check to verify your financial eligibility and identity. You’ll get an instant confirmation with no impact on your credit score.

A quick & easy checkout with Uplift 

More rewards. No hassle.

Don’t worry about having to sign up for another credit card. You can make payments with the card you already have and earn points or miles just like any other purchase.

Any questions? Visit UpLift’s Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

More rewards, no hassle with Uplift 
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