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Breezes Bahamas Resort & Spa

Kick back on the most popular beach in the Bahamas.

Beachfront like it should be.

First things first: This seaside Bahamian hideaway is nestled on Cable Beach, Nassau’s most breathtaking stretch of coastline. And when we say the resort is beachfront, we mean you can literally wake up, open your room’s glass door, and step onto tantalizingly soft sand. Just like the beach and the resort’s three glistening pools, everything’s designed (and included) to send stress packing.

Mix it up with tasty Italian at Martino’s, grilled grub at the Reggae Café, and exciting Asian fusion at Munasan. Drinks and cocktails? All included. So is circus school, which means you can finally take on the flying trapeze (or 30-foot rock wall). Brisk sails and laid-back kayaking adventures are par for the course because all the equipment is ready when you are. The evenings are just as entertaining with a laid-back piano bar, reggae dance contests, and even toga parties. Want to roll the dice? Crystal Palace Casino is just a quick walk away on the beach.

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