Secrets Bahia Mita Surf & Spa, perfectly located in the exclusive area of Bahia de Banderas , and Marina Cruz de Huanacaxtle on the golden sand beaches of the Banderas Bay, fuses elegant and original design by Sordo Madaleno with nature elements.  All 278 spacious suites offer remarkable tropical and ocean views, modern décor and refined luxury amenities. Relax at the world-class Secrets Spa by Pevonia®. Additionally, all guests have free-flow access to the exquisite restaurants, bars and facilities at adjoining Dreams Bahia Mita. Do it all or do nothing at all at this romantic exclusive hideaway.


Oceanfront hideaway with spectacular views of the Sierra Madre Mountains.
Puerto Vallarta International Airport : 20 miles

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Total rooms: 278


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Hotel Advisories

Advisory We are pleased to share recently completed enhancements at Secrets Bahía Mita Surf & Spa Resort: - Gohan – Sushi Bar: Express Sushi appetizers - Preferred Lounge Tapas Bar: Lounge for Preferred Club Guests - Immersive Art Show: Video projecting around the Spa’s Waterfall - The Nest: Wedding and Groups venue location - Barracuda: Variety of ceviche styles inspired by the local region

General Policies & Fine Print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM
Minimum Check-In Age: 18

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4.5 3062 reviews
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Wonderful resort, dining and staff - some management challenges to regulate bad behaviours from guests

    For transparency this is our third 2 week visit to this hotel in the last 18 months so you can guess we are fans. I think this hotel has got the vast majority of their offer absolutely spot on and whilst I will offer some challenges later in the review I don't think these are enough to detract from the whole experience for me which is a slam dunk 5/5. Staff - to the last individual are excellent, both well trained and 'professionally informal'. Quite a lot of turn over since our last visit so shout outs to Victor and Antonio for the constant supply of water by the pool (yes we are that boring although may have had the odd G&T at sundown). Special mention for our good friend Esteban at Portofino - he is our point of continuity and so glad you had a good celebration for your 27th Birthday. Also a special mention for Oscar at Mezes. He was only 7 days in to the job and had that look of deep concentration to get everything right, a real pace in his work and yet a natural and easy manner with customers. Businesses look long and hard to find this sort of young talent with a great attitude - I think Secrets have a winner here. Lobby bar crew - the best 'natural' margaritas in the business and thanks for all the espresso martinis to finish off the night. Lupita, Erika and the breakfast crew at the Market Cafe - best coffee in town, best eggs in town, best view in town. Food - excellent quality and choice throughout. The food here is very rich and plentiful so over a longer stay you start to crave a bit of boiled cabbage so maybe think about the balance of veg/salad vs meat on the plate? I am a bona fide carnivore but with the prevalence of red meat on the menus found myself searching for a bit of chicken or even craving a veggie option now and then. Also my wife doesn't eat cheese (an intolerance rather than an allergy) and that becomes quite limiting although the chefs are very good at removing when asked. Facilities - showing some of the effects of being so successful with some obvious running repairs but this is a a high volume hotel with a lot of foot fall so in surprisingly good shape really. I think architecture and layout is exceptional. Beach is underwhelming but if you have done your research you know this before you arrive so can't call it a negative. Entertainment crew - What a smashing bunch. Thank-you Edgar for remembering us - you must have an excellent memory. Liberato - you actually got us to join in a game or two (and we are really boring), that is quite a talent,,,,,and Liz - 'maybe tomorrow?'. So what are the challenges? Well frankly it is people. The first issue is 'lounger reservation'. This hasn't really been a thing on our first two visits but this time it was pretty awful at times. Our first day we set up by the pool for a good 10 hour shift at 07:45 to find that 70% of the front row beds had 'reserving items'. By 09:30 only 2 had been occupied. Being early risers we watched one woman reserve 3 sets of 6 beds before heading off for breakfast because she wasn't sure which ones her party would like. They returned at 11am. We saw one party of 4 reserve the same 4 beds every day, occupying as late as 3pm one day - no-one does anything about this but then they were unlimited / preferred guests so maybe that affords you a privilege? World record goes to a young couple who before 8am set down 22 towels in manatees before disappearing - the poor towel guy couldn't stack them fast enough! Now as I said we are early risers so doesn't really impact us and the occupancy felt relatively low (see next point) but if this was high season I think this could be a very significant impact on enjoyment of the resort. So the second challenge is trying to run a differentiated service within a single campus. The campus is divided in to Secrets facilities (only for the use of Secrets guests) and Dreams areas which may be used by guests staying at either Secrets or Dreams. As a Secrets guest this exclusivity buys you some degree of guarantee that a maximum density at the pools and bars etc won't be exceeded - it is part of the sell (and presumably the premium you pay). The challenge with this is that the management want to control this using a 'trust' model. No-one needs a bracelet and this I'm guessing is to create an 'upmarket' feel to differentiate from other mass market AIs? The problem with a trust model in a people business is that at some point you add people and sadly the concepts of people and trust are evidentially diametrically opposed. Dreams guests were regularly occupying large parts of the Secrets pool areas and the Manatees beach club. In low volumes this probably has a minimal impact on the overall experience but when the hotel sells bulk bookings to a 'corporate junket' in Dreams and they set down the whole of the Secrets areas (and were the worst lounger reservationists) this has a significant knock on impact on the bar service and even in the burger restaurant, where they are happy to scam their way to additional dining options because they know they won't get challenged. I feel sorry for the staff because they just want to make everyone happy so when someone aggressively asks them to open the gate dividing the two pool areas they just do it to be nice but this exacerbates the problem - maybe some training and reinforcement that management will support them if they challenge 'why someone needs to cross from Dreams to Secrets'? One of the entertainment crew ran a small pool side game to guess the number of chips in the bucket. The woman next to us who had just dropped her kid in the kids club for 12 hours so she could come and scam a Secrets spot and party all day wanted to play but when asked for her room number offered 'You know what, I don't recall'. That horrible moment when a member of staff whose sole job is to make someone happy is confronted with someone who is flat out lying to them is awful. I feel so sorry for them and would not blame them for an instant for just letting it slide - It is not their job to police this. I think the hotel needs to give serious consideration as to how to control this problem as the current model does not work and the margins between 'carefully crafted corner of paradise' and 'concrete cruise ship' are very fine and were frequently crossed during our stay. The upside is that by 18:00 this issue self resolves as there are strong controls in the restaurants. Even when we did see people trying to scam their way in to Bluewater they were deftly intercepted and turned round - do people really think that they are the first to try and sneak in via the toilets and the staff have never seen this before? So whilst all of this is pretty irritating I have great sympathy for the hotel. We did mention the issue to one of the concierges bringing the ice lollies round (which are delicious - try the Hibiscus) and she assured us that the Secrets facilities should only be for Secrets guests and this was an important issue to raise (and left furiously typing a message to someone). Next day the 'junket' branding was overtly placed next to a Dreams pool and it appeared that some sort of positive action had taken place to solve (to a degree) the issue on that day, but it is a persistent problem that has the feel of something that is getting out of control.

    Apr 18, 2024
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Relax, refresh, rejuvenate.

    The food was excellent, especially the beef short rib stuffed ravioli at the Italian restaurant and the fresh ceviche at the beach bar. Order a "pink lady," at the beach bar, refreshing. We loved waching the waves roll in on this beautiful beach. The pool entertainment staff made the activities lots of fun. Be sure to ask for Victor at the Italian restaurant. He is totally knowledgeable of the menu and made great recommendations. All the wait staff was friendly and accommodating. You're in paradise, what's not to enjoy!

    Apr 16, 2024
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    5 stars all the way!!

    This is my 3rd time to Secrets Bahia Mita. I absolutely love this resort. This trip was with my sister and we had such a fun time. The rooms are so spacious and comfortable. The resort has such high standards, and the hotel is so very clean. I found the food was even better this time. New dishes were added to some of the restaurants menus and they were outstanding. The breakfast buffet has the most variety I have ever seen . I usually hang out on the 6th floor, super quiet and great service. Olio is my fav for lunch. There are lots of activities during the day on the main level, I always found something I liked to do. Oh and I also loved the Mexican night which is held outside in the main court. All around great resort, I’ll be back for sure

    Apr 14, 2024
  • 5.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Love this resort

    Amazing resort. Just booked for my third visit. Amazing staff and food. I was teaching yoga daily for the resort. Entertainment team was beyond amazing. The layout of the resort is lovely. Beach is beautiful and quiet. Good food great service. Friendly staff.

    Apr 14, 2024
  • 3.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Unlimited Problems

    Although the staff and service at Secrets Bahia Mita were excellent, the problems with Unlimited Vacation Club made our stay very unpleasant. Do not upgrade to an Impression level membership; that status means nothing, and you will not get any of the benefits you think you will at any resort except the two existing Impression resorts. Otherwise, the facilities at Bahia Mita are showing a lot of wear for such a new resort. The restaurants have gone way downhill since we last visited the resort 18 months ago. And the "chef's menu" at Olio (a restaurant we loved having dinner at 18 months ago) was a collection of poorly designed and cooked inedible jokes.

    Apr 14, 2024