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Did you hear? Engagement season is upon us! Between the many clever Instagram posts, jewelry ads, and your inner circle filling you in on the latest engagement buzz, chances are you or someone you know recently said “Yes!” over the holiday season.

Recently engaged couples face a whirlwind of emotion, especially excitement, after announcing to their family and friends that they are taking the plunge. While determining a budget and setting a date are among the first few things to be done at the start, engagement photos also hold their hierarchy in “must dos” at the start of planning.

Many couples ask why engagement photos are important, and it is certainly a fair question. For starters, they make a great way to send out engagement announcements or save the dates. To add on to that, most couples now use wedding websites to help provide detailed information to their weddings guests, and engagement pictures make the perfect addition to this. Plus, you get the opportunity to have more casual, yet professional photos of the two of you done which you can then cherish forever and use to decorate your future home as a new married couple. In my opinion, the best reason to have engagement pictures done is so that you can take advantage of a different season or scenery compared to what you may have on your wedding day. Consider this; if you live in the Rockies, or a wooded area such as the upper mid-west, but are hosting a destination wedding, engagement pictures give you the perfect chance to capture the best of both worlds. Newly engaged with photos in the mountains, and then on your wedding day you’ll have those amazing sunset beach pictures!

Whether you’re hosting your wedding locally or in destination, you’ll likely have a photographer with you on your big day. Did you know that many photographers include engagement sessions in their wedding packages? Not only does this add a tremendous amount of value to your photography package, but it’s also a great way to allow your photographer to get to know you as a couple and learn about how you work together on camera.

Our friend Katie, who co-owns DeGroot Film Co. with her husband Devin, teamed up with us for a Q&A to go over the most helpful tips and tricks to consider before your engagement shoot so you feel prepared and at your best!

Weddings by Funjet: What colors of clothing work best for engagement pictures?

Katie at DeGroot Film Co: When it comes to engagement sessions, we always suggest natural colors that play well off of nature. Textures and layers are always a huge plus! Think sweaters, scarves, etc. 

engagement photos degroot

Weddings by Funjet: Do you have any suggestions of clothing items to avoid?

Katie at DeGroot Film Co: We highly recommend avoiding neon colors and/or intense patterns. These generally reflect off of your skin and just aren't the most pleasing items to wear. Another thing to avoid is large logos or anything that's specifically branded. 

engagement photos degroot

Weddings by Funjet: What are some of the more unique or special ways you have seen couples make their engagement shoot personalized to them?

Katie at DeGroot Film Co: Our favorite kind of engagement sessions are adventure sessions. Whether we're in Big Sur, the Rocky Mountains or just hiking at Devils Lake, these are always so much more adventurous and help all of our couples loosen up for more authentic photographs true to their personalities. 

engagement photos degroot

Weddings by Funjet: Do you have any favorite locations or scenery that you prefer to do engagement shoots in?

Katie at DeGroot Film Co: I almost always photograph session at Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha. There are so many different backdrops that all offer different vibes. From the tall pine trees to the rolling fields, it's sure to impress! 

engagement photos degroot

Weddings by Funjet: What time of day works best for an engagement shoot for natural lighting?

Katie at DeGroot Film Co: We only shoot engagement sessions within 1-2 hours of sunrise or 1-2 hours of sunset! This is definitely the best lighting for photos since it's much more even light.

engagement photos degroot

Weddings by Funjet: What’s your favorite time of year to do engagement pictures?

Katie at DeGroot Film Co: Who doesn't love Fall, am I right? We love the colors of Fall, but we might love the Spring colors even more! The pastel pinks and purples and lime greens of everything budding is just so gorgeous! 

engagement photos degroot

Weddings by Funjet: What suggestions do you have for couples considering doing engagement photos?

Katie at DeGroot Film Co: Engagement photos are a great time to get to know how it feels being in front of a camera and also a great way to get to know your photographer more. Devin & I still feel awkward getting in front of a camera ourselves, so we always suggest more time getting used to it before your big day.

engagement photos degroot

Weddings by Funjet: What is your favorite way to make engagement shoots fun and romantic?

Katie at DeGroot Film Co: We love getting to know all of our couples and doing our best to get them having fun in front of the camera. Whether that's making them dance, give piggy back rides or simply snuggling, it's a great way for all of us to bond! 

engagement photos degroot

If you fell in love with these pictures, and are interested in having DeGroot Film Co. capture the moments for your wedding, anywhere in the world, I encourage you to reach out them at

If you are curious about hosting your own destination wedding somewhere warm and sunny, our team would love to help you! Contact us today for more information on destinations and hotels, we can even send DeGroot Film Co. down with you!