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Every wedding couple wants to show their guests an awesome time, and if they wow them in the process - even better!  With wedding inspiration saturating our feeds, however, you can fall into choice overload and have a hard time choosing what you really need to provide your guests with the ultimate wedding party.  So we've put together our list of wedding extras that are totally worth the dollars it takes to make your wedding even more unforgettable.  Whether it be aesthetic, interactive or pure entertainment, these are extras that will certainly not disappoint.


Adding small favors to the ceremony is not only fun for your guests, but also enhances the ceremony experience.  We especially love personalized maracas at everyone's seats.  They add color to your setup and your guests can shake them with excitement when you're announced as a married couple.  Customized handheld signs are another way to add a sweet touch and look really cute in your photos.

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Cecilia Dumas Photography


There are few moments in our lives that are commemorated with a cigar, and a wedding is one of them.  So why not have high quality cigars rolled fresh by professionals right in front of your guests' eyes?  We have had several couples book rollers and it is always the biggest hit of the night!


Who doesn't want to feel like they're the star of Saturday Night Fever?  Plus the lights make your dancing photography look killer.

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It's no secret - people love a good show.  The best part is it's incredibly easy to book entertainers for your wedding when you are marrying at an all-inclusive resort.  They have all the connections you need to make arrangements with super talented performers.  Our favorites - fire dancers and caricaturists.  The funny portraits will have your guests rolling.

Cartoon You Caricatures


If you want to make a huge impact with your wedding reception, simply add string lighting or lighted chandeliers.  This is especially striking (and needed) for beach receptions.  Most beach locations have little to no light, so it's beautiful and practical to add lighting.  We've seen some pretty reception setups that are made instantly stunning with some string lights.  Simple and gorgeous!

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Iberostar Punta Cana

DeGroot Film Co.

DeGroot Film Co.


Live bands are always a favorite of weddings, and the exciting thing about destination weddings you can book talent that also reflects the culture.  Mariachi bands, Reggae bands, and Caribbean Trios are just some of the ensembles that will delight your guests at the cocktail hour, dinner or even the reception.

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You've heard of a s'mores bar for a wedding, but destination weddings like to step it up!  A bonfire with s'mores on the beach is a cozy and chill way to cap off your wedding night.

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Floral centerpieces are beautiful but pricey, especially if you have a lot of reception tables.  You can still achieve the elegance of flowers using other table design details like plate chargers, textured linens or brightly colored napkins.

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Dreams Riviera Cancun


The bar is a give-in for a wedding, but why not get creative with it?  A lot of resorts offer tequila or rum tastings for wedding receptions for a tasty Caribbean flair.  Another refreshing twist (pun intended) is the coconut bar, which is quickly growing in popularity among destination weddings.

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Midnight tacos, anyone?  This is probably one of our favorite wedding extras.  Everybody loves food after a night of drinking and dancing.  Tacos are definitely a go-to, but the options are endless.  Sliders, ceviche bars, BBQ, pizza, anything goes!

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