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From the air, this collection of 181 islands referred to as Bermuda mimics a Rorschach inkblot test. From the land, this tropical playground is a year-round paradise. Historic roots mix intricately with modern flair to make this destination one of a kind.

Bermuda is always a good idea

"You go to heaven if you want. I’d rather stay here in Bermuda." Mark Twain’s sentiment on the island retreat echoes many others adoration that have experienced its charm.

Just like its signature shorts, the islands of Bermuda boast laid back yet vibes and authentic hospitality. With borrowed traditions from Britain and America, this historic island group capitalizes on what it means to be truly isolated. Seriously. Bermuda is over 1,000 miles away from cities like Chicago, Kansas City and Minneapolis, so get ready to disconnect and kick back the island way.

City of Hamilton

The City of Hamilton is constantly abuzz and serves as the island’s hub. Whether you’re talking politics, commerce or geography, Hamilton is where people head to conduct business, shop or enjoy a night on the town. The city manages to pull off the perfect mix of quaint and cosmopolitan, boasting old Victorian buildings of pastel-colored varieties and an impressive slew of eateries and sightseeing hot spots.

City of Hamilton
Travel Tip

Get down with the local lingo. "Yo ace boy" translates to "hello good friend" on the island.

Pink paradise

Pink-sand beaches like Horseshoe Bay Beach guarantee a seaside experience like no other. Located in Southampton parish, this beach is ranked among the top beaches in the world.

Here, tiny red organisms grow under the coral reefs and expire on the ocean floor. Pieces of corals and shells wash up on the beach, creating an unforgettable pink hue.

Pink paradise
Travel Tip

Sightseeing and traveling within each island is a breeze when you rent mopeds or scooters.

Island hop ‘til you drop

During your time in Bermuda, you will likely be traveling from island to island, embracing each island’s personality and gorgeous sights. Small bridges, allowing you to experience as many islands as possible, often connect the islands. The true beauty of the islands can also be experienced via boat gliding across the aqua water. Just don’t get sucked into that pesky triangle.

Island hopping
Travel Tip

Order Gosling’s Black Seal Rum or a Dark ‘n’ Stormy to taste the local flavors.

Support while you're in Bermuda

Funjet’s end-to-end service means we also support you in destination. Our network includes a relationship with Bermuda Island Destination Management, founded in 1999 and known for their personalized attention and service. They are there to greet you when you land, provide you with door-to-door transportation to your hotel, help you find activities beyond the resort and to be there for you and answer any questions you may have. Your representative can be reached by calling +441 732 1260.

Travel Tip

And we’re always here, of course. You can reach us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week while you are on vacation. Just call +1 414-934-1535 or emailing

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