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Grand Cayman

Dive through the world’s most intricate coral reefs, doze in a hammock under a casuarina tree, and savor a five-star meal. All in one day.

Grand Cayman Islands

Island hideaways with world-renowned everything.

Sweeping beaches? Check. Cerulean seas from a diver’s dream? Check. Just one hour from Miami? Check. If you’re looking for a luxurious, palm-garnished paradise, the Cayman Islands are the perfect place to maroon yourself for a while. The three islands—Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman—were built on a seafaring heritage but know exactly how to please in the present tense. Take a Caribbean culinary tour, snap a submarine selfie with the Guardian of the Reef and other underwater wonders, or spend some time getting “wowed” by the indigenous blue iguanas. Not kidding. Bright, bright blue. So where else can you get this sun-kissed island experience complete with Caymankind hospitality? Nowhere.

Seven Mile Beach

The name pretty much says it all. This seven mile beach is well known around the world and is actually longer than the island is wide. Located on Grand Cayman’s western coast, the entire beach is public property. This means you can bask in the sun anywhere you like, or walk up and down its shore to explore hotels, villas, restaurants, and natural wonders along the way.

Seven Mile Beach 
Travel Tip

Seven Mile Beach was named one of the Ultimate Beaches by Caribbean Travel + Life.

Stingray City

At Stingray City Sandbar, you can wade through dozens of stingrays in their natural habitat. They’re one of the friendliest sea creatures surrounding the Cayman Islands, so if you treat them with the gentle respect they deserve, they’ll treat you to an unforgettable memory.

Stingray City 
Travel Tip

Stingrays near Grand Cayman have grown to associate the sound of boat motors with food.

George Town

As the capital of the Cayman Islands, George Town offers a wide variety of unique adventures. Between snorkeling in its offshore shipwrecks, touring the lively Fort George, wandering around national museums and dining in exquisite local seafood restaurants, you’ll have no trouble finding a good time.

George Town  
Travel Tip

Unique submarine tours reveal the most gorgeous diving spots in George Town Harbor.

Botanic Park

Cayman’s Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is one of the island’s little-known secrets. The journey begins at the beautiful Visitors Centre and moves into two acres of modeled landscape, a multicolored mosaic of Floral Gardens, and the stunning sight of more than 40 Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas. These endangered creatures are only found on Grand Cayman, and a glimpse alone will be worth the trip.

Botanic Park 
Travel Tip

This park was officially opened in 1994 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Find your own adventure.

Perhaps the best part about visiting Grand Cayman is discovering something new for yourself. Whether that means tasting seafood delicacies like foot long prawns, discovering the infamous shoe tree, or simply walking through the farmer and artisan markets at Camana Bay, you’re only limited by the length of your stay.

Find your own adventure. 
Travel Tip

If you’re up for a relaxing four-mile hike, the Mastic Trail will take you to the island’s highest point.

Support while you're in Grand Cayman.

Funjet’s end-to-end service means we also support you in destination. Our network includes a relationship with Webster’s Tours LTD. They are there to greet you when you land, provide you with door-to-door transportation to your hotel, help you find activities beyond the resort and to be there for you and answer any questions you may have. Your representative can be reached by calling +345 945 1433 or email

Travel Tip

And we’re always here, of course. You can reach us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week while you are on vacation.  Just call +1 414-934-1535 or emailing

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