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Each of the Hawaiian Islands offers a different take on paradise, and all-inclusive Hawaii vacation packages make it easy to explore them all.


Hawaii vacations - Experience the spirit of aloha.

Picture everything you dream an island paradise to be, and pair it with all the advantages of a domestic vacation. The beautiful beaches and lush mountain rainforests are just the beginning. Hawaii’s awe-inspiring scenery is amplified by the “spirit of aloha” embodied by its residents. Together, the culture and nature will lure you to explore beyond your hotel and fill your vacation with unique experiences found nowhere else. But that’s not to say Hawaii’s indoor settings aren’t also beautiful. The six major islands — Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and island of Hawaii — offer accommodations for any taste, from secluded luxury havens and beachfront Honolulu resorts, to condo rentals that combine the comforts of a home with all the perks that make a vacation truly relaxing and rejuvenating. And you can see it all without a passport.

Breathtaking surroundings are the hallmark of any Hawaii vacation, but each island is home to its own distinct adventures and sights. Funjet Vacations offers an amazing variety of Hawaii vacation packages. See which island has your perfect vacation below.

Hawaii Island (The Big Island)

When you road trip around the youngest and largest of the Hawaiian Islands (nearly twice the size of all of ‘em combined), there’s a good chance you’ll experience all but four of the world’s climate zones. Which means there’s no better place to start your Hawaii adventure. Once you’ve experienced the Kona Coast’s crystal blue water, the black sands of Punaluʻu Beach, and the waterfalls of the Hāmākua Heritage corridor, we have one tip: Keep going. The beauty doesn’t end.

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Big Island Cliff

From skiing on snow-capped peaks to hiking through lava caves, Hawaii Island is an active traveler's paradise.


Oahu is a perfect introduction to Hawaii. Enjoy a classic Hawaiian experience surrounded by many of the Islands' most famous attractions, including Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head Crater, Iolani Palace and the Pearl Harbor Memorial. In Honolulu, you'll find top-notch shopping, nightlife and fantastic restaurants alongside a range of beautiful resorts.

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Oahu bay at sunset

For a more laid-back experience, get back to nature with a hike through the Waimea Valley, or visit the scenic North Shore for world-class surfing and a round of golf with an incredible view.


Crave adventure? Then Maui is the place to be. Where else could you spend the morning biking down a volcano, visit a winery in the afternoon and relax on your hotel balcony as humpback whales surface in the distance? With a wide range of historic sights, beautiful scenery and plenty of activities, the Valley Isle combines the best parts of each island to create one stunning package with something for everyone.

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Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

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Get away from everything on Hawaii's "Garden Isle." Peaceful and lush, Kauai is perfect for those looking for romance, adventure or both. Relax as you stroll through picturesque towns like Koloa, Hanalei and Lihue to learn about the island's rich history and pick out unique souvenirs. Then be reinvigorated by the island's amazing natural wonders or startle your senses with a shark swimming excursion.

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Kauai waterfall

Kauai's must-see sights include Waimea Canyon, nicknamed "the Grand Canyon of the Pacific."


Once the largest pineapple plantation in the world, Lanai is now home to several exclusive resorts and two breathtaking, world-famous golf courses. You might have a hard time deciding between relaxing and basking in the old plantation charm or getting out and exploring the island's unspoiled nature. So, of course, we recommend making time to do both.

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Lanai sunrise

A unique spot on an already unique island, the Garden of the Gods may be the world's ultimate rock garden.


The most natural, untouched of the Hawaiian Islands, Molokai remains true to its island roots. Nicknamed the "Friendly Isle," you're sure to meet fishermen hauling in their daily catch and farmers showcasing their fresh-picked produce. With only a single traffic light, life may be slower here than on the other islands, but the surroundings are no less dramatic: Molokai is home to the tallest sea cliffs in the world.

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molokia cliffs

You can book day trips to Molokai from both Oahu and Maui.


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