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Europe Vacation Packages

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Featured Europe Vacations

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    Tenerife, Canary Islands

    Dreams Jardin Tropical Resort & Spa
  • TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
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    Palma Mallorca

    Zoëtry Mallorca Wellness & Spa
  • TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
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    Palma Mallorca

    Secrets Mallorca Villamil Resort & Spa
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands

    Riu Palace Tenerife
  • TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
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    Palma Mallorca

    Riu Arecas
  • TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
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    Palma Mallorca

    Riu Festival

Embark on an unforgettable European vacation.

Exploring the beaches of Europe sits on many travelers' bucket lists, and for good reason! The Mediterranean is a dreamy vacation destination spotted with beloved coastal cities and enchanting islands. So, whether you're planning a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation or a romantic getaway, your European holiday surely won't disappoint.

Why Book a Europe Vacation Package

  • Athens

    Explore the bustling markets, savor the flavors of Greek cuisine, and let the warm Mediterranean sun embrace you in a city that feels like a living testament to the birth of democracy.

  • Barcelona

    With its captivating architecture, lively street performances, and inviting beaches of the Mediterranean, Barcelona invites you to revel in a city that pulses with energy and creativity.

  • France

    In the heart of France, the Eiffel Tower stands tall, the aroma of croissants fills the air, and the cobblestone streets whisper tales of art and love.
  • Greece

    Greece invites you to immerse yourself in a tapestry of history, culture, and unparalleled beauty, where the gentle sea breeze whispers tales of myth and legend.
  • Greek Islands

    Immerse yourself in the laid-back rhythm of island life while savoring fresh Mediterranean cuisine and warm hospitality that makes every visit feel like a sun-kissed embrace.

  • Ibiza

    Amidst the rhythmic beats of Ibiza's world-renowned nightlife and the tranquil beauty of its hidden coves, the White Isle extends a warm invitation to indulge in the perfect blend of relaxation and revelry.

  • Italy

    From the charming canals of Venice to the artistic marvels of Florence and the awe-inspiring Amalfi Coast, Italy offers a warm invitation to indulge in a journey of the "dolce vita."

  • Lisbon

    Located on the sunny shores of the Tagus River, Lisbon offers charming mosaic streets, lively music in historic neighborhoods, and the inviting aroma of freshly baked pastel de nata.

  • London

    From the bustling markets of Camden to the majestic beauty of Buckingham Palace, every street corner in London has a story to tell.

  • Paris

    From the sidewalk cafes to the world-class museums, every moment in the City of Light feels like a warm embrace, inviting you to immerse yourself in the art, culture, and undeniable allure that make Paris magical.

  • Rome

    Witness the ancient ruins and architecture of Rome unveil its rich tapestry of history as you wander through the Colosseum's echoes, and feel the heartbeat of a city where past and present collide.

  • Spain

    From the historic charm of Barcelona to the sun-drenched beaches of the Costa del Sol, Spain welcomes you with open arms to experience its lively spirit.

  • United Kingdom

    Explore the charm of the United Kingdom, where the rolling hills of the English countryside meet the pulsating energy of London's cosmopolitan streets.